At least one more dawn.

This post was originally going to be automated, titled my name and the numbers: 1987-2015. It was also going to contain a long letter explaining the reasons for that.

Instead in the last moments I had myself escorted to, and voluntary checked in to a psychiatric ward.

This site is often therapy for me and I hope to return shortly- however my brain has been in no condition to deal with things right now.

Humour helps, so I will say that it’s a shame that letter will never be made public, because apparently it’s eloquent and beautiful (according to various psychiatric staff). Just my luck; I write a true tour de force, and it’s a suicide note.


– Jaydra

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  1. Choosing to instead check yourself in must have been an unimaginably huge task, and I am in awe of it. I would never say “I understand,” because when people say that with even somewhat similar situations, it’s dismissive and reductive, so I’ll just say I empathize, and am really happy you were able to call for help. <3

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