Sanctuary, a novel by Jaydra Dawn – Now Available

51QR0Ve2FfLAfter a long absence, I am returning to work on this blog. The past months have been difficult, but with a few notable triumphs. Particularly, I graduated from university with a Bachelors of Arts (after 11 years), and have just self-published my first novel Sanctuary.

Synopsis: Victor Roseland is days from making a deal which will secure his family’s future, when an old associate threatens to expose their best kept secrets. His wife is a sociopath with a long history of violence, his daughter used to be his son, and he’s been having an affair with their governess; while unbeknownst to him, the governess is also having an affair with his wife. The secrets the Roselands have been keeping from the world, and each other, are about to be revealed. As past meets present, and life presses ever onward, they will be forced to confront the parts of each other they might never accept, as well as the most disturbing aspects of their own selves.

The novel is a work of literary fiction, and takes place in a Victorian-inspired world. It’s primarily a drama, with some comedy and erotic elements.

It may be purchased in both paperback and Kindle from, or your regional equivalent.

I hope to be writing more here soon. Thank you to those who left public or private comments.

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