In Brief, The Truth is Valuable but Not Valued

The comments written about this video are indicative of why even quality statements like this no longer matter, truth and non-partisan opinion are no longer considered within our societal discourses.

Even an appeal to non-partisanship, an objective evaluation of Trump’s actions, are taken as a Democratic attack on Trump. You can see comments where people immediately claim that Obama is just as narcissistic, that Hillary would have been just as bad. There is an unwillingness to examine one’s own beliefs, or perhaps more accurately, an unwillingness to accept that just because both sides are flawed, does not mean that your side’s flaws are acceptable.

Instead of re-evaluating one’s beliefs, we have a tendency to double-down on them when they are threatened; a tactic which is safer, easier, and honestly- natural. We are all guilty of at least occasionally failing to interrogate our beliefs. Though as Humans, we have been blessed with the ability to do so, and I would argue have an obligation to do so if we are to continue our ascent.

Still, videos like this are still useful. Even if our societal discourses are in a terrible state, that does not tarnish their inherent, incredible worth. I think as academics, journalists, intellectuals, we are terrified of making a concrete statement, knowing that absolute truth is a dubious concept. Despite this, here and now we absolutely need to stand by what we know. Even if our traditional weapons of investigation, articulation, and yes- even truth itself have never been less acceptable, we cannot lose them. I don’t want to see a world where we do.

Whoever figures out what to do next, how to combat the challenges at hand, will be recorded in history. Until then, we must continue to investigate, argue and assert what we know to be right. It is the only way we’ll discover the answers we need.

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