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In-Depth articles with better production values, and often multi-part.

Kill la Kill is Kinky as Hell
The Value of ‘Ludonarrative Dissonance’ within Games Discourse
The World Cup is the Greatest Serial Drama of All-Time
The Effectiveness and Prevalence of the Ensemble

Analysis of ‘The Hunger Games’ Novels and Films
The Capitol’s Narrative: Why the ‘Hunger Games’ Adaptations Fail
The Capitol’s Narrative 2.0 – Mockingjay’s Successful Adaptation

‘Final Fantasy XIII’ is Queer as Hell
Part One – l’Cie as a Trans Metaphor
Part Two – Lesbian Romance

Jaydra Discusses ‘Lightning Returns’
Part One – Thematic Analysis
Part Two – Storytelling & Direction
Part Three – Final Fantasy XIII is Still Queer as Hell

Lessons Learned from ‘Doctor Who’
Part One – Loss and Loneliness
Part Two – Change

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Discussion on various topics.

Lightning and Louis Vuitton – It Actually Makes Sense
What Goes Unsaid: Explicit, Implicit, and Latent Roleplaying in 02015

Pretending to be a Man Again: Roleplaying in ‘The Witcher 3’ Post-transition

Meditations on the Power of the Single Narrative
Article of the Year: A Bizarre Annual Tradition
The Meaning of Discourse and Freedom of Speech

The Power of Myth in the Post-Narrative Society
Let’s Overanalyze Disney’s ‘Frozen’
What ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ Says About Social Change
Ludonarrative Cohesion and Dissonance 101

>>> Academic Works <<<
Favourite essays from my academic career.

Newly Inked Narratives: The Significance of Tattoos in the 21st Century
What BDSM Teaches About Authority, Obedience, and the Self

The Story of J: Jane Eyre’s Transition from Doll to Person
The Importance of Mature Themes in Young Adult Literature

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Anything too informal, inflammatory, or ranting to apply to the above.

Jaydra Discusses Her Politics: A Critique of Radical Feminism
On Anger, Positivity, and Resonance Frequency

Jaydra Dawn’s l’Cie Tattoo

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