Jaydra Discusses ‘Lightning Returns’, Part 01- Thematic Analysis

It’s been almost a month since Lightning Returns was released and I’ve had time to process it. It should be obvious to anyone who reads this site, or knows me at all, that Final Fantasy XIII is my favourite game of all time. The trilogy is something I hold very close to my heart. It all wrapped up with Lightning Returns, and here’s my take on it. Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII is Queer as Hell, Part Two – Lesbian Romance

Previously on Resonance Frequency: Social stigma, isolation, suicide rates, grief, and losing agency. Today on Resonance Frequency: Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers for Final Fantasy XIII, and potential spoilers for Final Fantasy XIII-2. There are no Lightning Returns spoilers. This article also talks about sex, and has links and images that are NSFW. Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Doctor Who, Part Two – Change

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary (‘The Day of the Doctor’) episode aired recently, and was one of the most relentlessly optimistic episodes to ever be part of one of televisions most relentlessly optimistic shows. It was a great episode. At this point I’d recommend you see it, but if you have any interest in Doctor Who you likely have. It also encapsulates one of the great themes of the show: Change. Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII is Queer as Hell, Part One – l’Cie as a Trans Metaphor

Final Fantasy XIII is among the media which changed my life, offering me a way to articulate parts of myself that I haven’t been able to before. More so, the more I think about it and the more I play, I’ve come to the realization that FFXIII is queer as hell. We can argue author intent vs ‘Death of the Author’ all we want, but even if it wasn’t Square-Enix’s attempt to produce a story that is one big queer metaphor they succeeded in doing so regardless. I think it’s worth discussing because this game draws some pretty striking parallels between what its characters experience, and what LGB and T persons do. To the point where I’ve come to view being l’Cie as an excellent example of what it is like to be Trans (tra’Ni?). Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Doctor Who, Part One – Loss and Loneliness

The BBC’s Doctor Who had been in my nerd blindspot until September, 2012. Until then, I had not only never seen an episode, but had no idea who The Doctor was, what he did, or how it happened. All I was somewhat confident in saying was that, “It’s a show about time travel… But don’t quote me on that.” Also there were big ugly things called Dalecks that were annoying to listen to. The point is that I was clueless until saw it listed on Netflix and went, “I should at least check out that Blink episode everyone keeps telling me to see.”. As with many things I will discuss, it’s amazing to look back on such small decisions and realize how you had no idea your life was about to change; possibly even be saved. Continue reading