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A moneyed family living outside of a small town tries to reconcile its desire to blend into mainstream society with its scandalous past. Victor Roseland is days away from sealing a deal that will ensure his family’s future, when a former business partner threatens to expose them. Victor, along with his wife who has a long history of violence, their daughter who is not their daughter, an unconventional governess, and a watchful gamekeeper, are forced to face difficult histories they won’t fully admit to themselves, let alone each other. All the while searching for a home and a life to call their own.

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The Almasa Project: A Linguistic and Cultural Overview of the Fictitious Almasan Language
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The outline of a fictional language created by Jaydra Dawn for a novel, and submitted as part of a linguistics course credit. This evolving/ work in progress document outlines the language, its influences (both real and fictional), and teaches how to use the language itself. Dictionary included.

>>> Slashfiction <<<

One Night in Palumpolum  (Final Fantasy XIII)
Hosted on: Archive of Our Own
Rating: Explicit
“By the time Lightning reaches Palumpolum, she’s already struggling with a situation that isn’t cut and dry as she’d like. She has no clear target, and no plan of attack. Fang’s introduction only complicates matters further, forcing Light to confront something which frightens her far more than the Sanctum.

An alternate take on the events of Final Fantasy XIII from Palumpolum onward, focusing on Fang and Lightning’s POV. Alternative Canon, the story weaves in and out of canon and an alternative universe, including a different perspective on canon dialogue. Tonally, this is best described as a Romantic Comedy. With some very explicit sex.”

How to Love the Savior  (Final Fantasy XIII)
Hosted on: Archive of Our Own
Rating: PG-13
“Fang’s reunion with Lightning isn’t what she hoped for. Light’s unable to focus on anything but her role as Savior, and is very emotionally distant. Light can’t even stand Lumina, who has become one of Fang’s closest friends. When Lightning becomes jealous of what Fang and Lumina have, it complicates things for everyone involved.”

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