Mission Statement

Resonante: “:to have particular or importance to someone: to affect or appeal to someone in a personal or emotional way.” – Myrriam-Webster

Resonance Frequency: “… the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than others.” – Wikipedia


A resonance frequency has the ability to shake something at its very core. At times, causing its utter collapse.

Resonance Frequency has become a metaphor which I use to describe when something external has a profound, challenging, and often transformative affect on our very being. Also that throughout our entire history, the way in which we teach and learn about our world and ourselves is through storytelling; taking every form from verbal, to theater, to games.

Often we react to the media we experience, but that experience hardly changes our lives. Though I know for a fact, that on some very rare occasions, something will hit us and hit us hard. It doesn’t even need to be that particular media’s intention, but it still resonates so much with us that we cannot let it go. We fall in love with it, we talk about it, form fandoms around it; sometimes it’s a life lesson, other times it’s a fetish. Whatever the case, it has meaning to us.

I began this site not knowing which direction to take, and truth is I still don’t. What I do know is that media has had a profound impact on my life, and a lot of it positive. Works done by many different people have helped me articulate aspects of myself that I struggled with prior, and being analyzing why is of great interest to me.

I think in time I’d like to open this site up to interviewing other people about what they love, and perhaps explore content and fandoms that I’m not familiar with. I’m still figuring that part out, but if this site has a direction then it’s likely this.

You will find a broad range of content on this blog. I think I’ve covered everything from lessons about change to analysis of hardcore BDSM. There will be researched academic works, off-hand opinions, and semi-formal essays, on whatever happens to interest me at the time. Hopefully presented in an entertaining and optimistic fashion. It took me a good long while to figure out how to derive joy from my life, and analyzing and critiquing things that I love is a great source of it.

I think we’ve reached a point where I’d like to see people open up about what truly resonates. Hating something is completely valid (there’s plenty of things I absolutely despise), but I find it’s the easy and safe route within discourse. To say that you love something is to reveal a part of yourself to the world, and that can be terrifying. Yes, this site will get sappy and emotional sometimes, that comes with the territory.

I will attribute my sources, of both information and inspiration, to the best of my ability. This site is founded with deep admiration to people who already produce videos and articles online, and I hope that in a small way I can add another worthwhile voice to the discussion.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, you may email me at: jaydra(at)resonancefrequency(dot)net

– Sincerely, Jaydra Dawn


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  1. Thank you for your site…you. I was inspired to finish some work on human frequency…would like to share it…it is on a web browser…pics basically. Left info below. Blessings

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