Newly Inked Narratives: The Significance of Tattoos in the 21st Century

One of civilization’s most enduring practices is tattooing, originating over five-thousand years ago, it is curious then that tattooing is also one of society’s largest contradictions; a practice that has been both revered and stigmatized, even within the same culture. Tattoos are fascinating because they’re permanent markings that are always changing, their popularity and significance always in flux. ‘Modern tattoos’ (those ‘inked’ in the 21st century) especially stand in stark contrast with their counter-culture counterpart from the late 20th century. The catalyst for this change being that at the start of the 21st century, Western society experienced the death of its dominant narratives, leaving little in its place. A tattoo’s context shifts with each generation, and the only constant is that they become prevalent when society needs those bold, permanent markings; modern tattoos are bastions of stability and meaning in a society that has experienced a cataclysmic narrative collapse. Continue reading

The Power of Myth in the Post-Narrative Society

Resonance Frequency exists because of the power of myth. It exists to analyze, discuss, and express my thoughts and feelings on the stories/ myths which have power in my life. The power to guide, inform, shape, and/ or challenge my view of the world. Resonance Frequency also exists because I’m terrified to see the strongest, most resonant signals, become increasingly lost in the static of the modern world. This blog/ project is therapy for me, a way to tune into what I love and engage with it as I struggle to navigate the world at large. To figure out why we love what we love, celebrate it. All of this, in the face of a society increasingly mired in signal and noise, in an effort to preserve a piece of this. The guiding lights, in a sky that has become so bright that I can no longer see the stars. Continue reading